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Travel for Good: Voluntourism Adventures

Men’s Fitness Tag rhinos in South Africa, teach soccer in Romania and follow dolphins in Belize, whales in Mexico, giraffe in Kenya and seahorses in Cambodia. These are just some of the many volunteer projects that enable you to combine adventures with doing good. “Voluntourism” is trending. To choose the best program for yourself, be […]

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All in the Family

Physician’s Money Digest This summer create family bonds the easy way: take a multigenerational trip. Vacations that bring together grandparents, their adult children, as well as the grandkids rank among 2015’s hottest travel trends. Some 36% of American families said they planned to take a 3-generation trip by mid-2015, according to a 2014 AAA poll. […]

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share a meal

Share a meal when traveling?, a new website service, connects travelers with locals who, in their own homes, cook meals for visitors, often for a small fee to cover the cost of the food. This sounds ideal. In fact, the concept derives from that fantasy travel experience– the one in which you meet a native and over tasty […]

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Shopping in Shanghai and Beijing, China

For those who consider shopping a trip essential, China is magic. The vendors at Shanghai’s and Beijing’s markets hawk everything—tea pots, Buddhas, pearl necklaces, scarves, jade bracelets, cheap watches, “designer bags,” silk shawls and more. But you need to know where to look and how to shop. And if you want to buy clothing—and that […]

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Hiking China’s Great Wall

At Mutianyu, about 56 miles north of Beijing, the Yan Mountains appear as a series of dramatic crests and the Great Wall’s ancient stones snake their way up and down the green ridge tops. The ramparts, dotted with watch towers in this section, form a path between the peaks. At times for brief stretches it’s […]

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Hiking China’s Dragon Spine Rice Terraces

While Beijing mixes modern skyscrapers with ancient icons such as the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, the Chinese countryside in the Longji region delivers natural scenes of legendary beauty as well as a chance to see how traditional people live. For hundreds of years the Zhuang and Yao people have built mud banks into […]

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Discovering Roots in Krakow, Poland

Even as a child I was curious about Eastern Europe, land of my Jewish ancestors and, as it came to be, my husband David’s too. In the past few years like many Boomers, I’ve felt a need to make a pilgrimage, to connect with this lost world. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to […]

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Spain’s Andalusia Region

As our instructor Juan –slim hips, tight black pants, perfect posture–steps forward and right, then forward and left to the pulsing beat, we do the same. It doesn’t matter that some of us don’t understand Spanish. All we need do is copy Juan’s fluid moves. That’s easy because our group of eight women hasn’t stopped […]

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