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Travel App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – A 7+ weeks iTunes Hot List Pick.
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The most comprehensive app on Washington, D.C. with 90 MB, 500 entries, hundreds of photos, illustrations and maps

DC With Kids’ categories make it easy to discover top attractions, places to play and special experiences. Find out about sleepovers at museums, spy missions, moonlight tours and the best attractions for young kids, grade schoolers and teens.



Chicago Tribune Review
What it is: A comprehensive travel app with more than 500 entries to help a family explore Washington. The whimsical icons, like the entries themselves, will appeal to a range of ages.

How it works: Choose a category ranging from “top 11? to “play outdoors” or “side trips.” Need a place to sleep? Press “sleep” and choose from “hotels with pools” to “pet-friendly lodgings.” Press “plan ahead” to build an itinerary that may include a Washington Nationals baseball game or taking a barge tour at Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park.

Why it’s great: It’s loaded with info. By selecting favorites, you can create custom itineraries.

Why you might hesitate: Though I love the eye-catching icons, I wish there were more photographs.

WNEW-all News radio 99.1
Evan Haning, anchor
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“Out-of-towners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from smart phone travel apps. Here’s one that local parents can use on trips with kids in DC.

Before you get on Metro, check the Top 11 on the DC with Kids app.

Travelingmom.com says FamilyiTrips apps worth the cost
“After having taken these apps out for a test run I can tell you that these apps are 100% worth their cost. If you are traveling to DC or Boston I highly recommend you get these apps. Whether you are using them to help you plan your trip, or just using these apps mid trip, you will find something on these apps that will help make your tour a little bit easier. You will spend more on a cup of Starbucks coffee in either one of these cities.” April 19, 2012.
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Boston Globe praises FamilyiTrips
“Each colorful, nicely illustrated app has more than 250 entries that include top picks, outdoor activities, and freebies, along with places to eat, sleep, and shop. Or find an activity for a specific age group: young kids, grade-schoolers, or teens. Discover everything from science workshops to puppet shows, moonlight tours, museum sleep- overs, or animal adventures.” April 1, 2012

Adorable and informative User-friendly, very cute illustrations, and an entire travel book’s worth of content for less than a Starbucks latte! Good deal. There are useful activity ideas for locals and visitors alike, even those without kids.”
5 star rating

Amazing app, awesome guide! This app is an incredible resource. Traveling to other cities, I’ve downloaded roughly 6 to accomplish everything achieved by this one.”
5 star rating

Great family app Well worth the low price. I travel a great deal, and I recently went to DC and was so glad to have the app. Very fun and easy to navigate. Thank you DC with Kids, I love the new updates!”
5 star rating

No need for a guide book! I got this because we went to DC for vacation and wanted to make the most of the sights, places to eat and things to do. There is something for everyone in this app. I don’t have kids and this app helped me – I can only imagine how cool it is for parents. And I love that it’s all on my phone – no need to lug around a travel book anymore. I can’t wait to go back to DC!”
5 star rating

Easy and Fun to Use I picked this up as a lark to learn more about the city where I live, so when we have kids come to visit, I know what I am talking about. Lots of fun things to do and see because of this app. It takes you through all the tried and true spots here in DC, and gives you bits of trivia that even a local may not know. Looking forward to using it more this summer.”
5 star rating

Great app!! This app is really helpful when you are looking for kid friendly activities in DC. Love the Top 11 tips for a quick list of the best things in town. Also nice that they have a ‘comments section’ so you easily keep notes. This app is especially helpful when trying to find restaurants too!!! Great deal, great app.”

Get kids activity planner! Thank you! This app makes our weekends more fun.”

World Traveller!! I love this app – it’s so comprehensive, you can plan an entire day, from early morn until late evening – and even plan a “sleepover”! It includes lots about DC, and also covers sidetrips to popular spots in Virginia and Maryland, such as Old Town Alexandria, and Baltimore…
My favorites are: the fun facts, which you can read to your kids “on the spot”, right from the iPhone, snappy illustrations, lots of photos, and great info for ALL the family.”

A virtual tour guide!! This app is great for planning a family trip to dc. Outlines all of the attractions and even gives you places to eat also!! Takes a lot of the guesswork out of planning a visit to our nation’s capital and acts like a virtual tour guide! Definitely a worthwhile app– easy to use and fun icons!”

Great family app: Well worth the low price. I travel a great deal, and I recently went to DC and was so glad to have the app. Very fun and easy to navigate.”

Exellent App! Provides detailed and interesting information. Includes off-the-beaten-path activities and restaurants that kept every member of our family – from myself and my husband to our school-aged daughter to our picky teenage son – occupied and happy. The app even has interesting content for our friends who live here that we were visiting! Better and more up-to-date information than a guidebook and easier to carry around. The planning features helped us get the most out of our days together!! A must-have app for the experienced traveler who has been to DC many times or for the first-time visitor!!! We look forward to more apps on more cities. EXCELLENT!! MUST BUY!!”

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