Study Names Paris, LA, Among Top Cities for Traveler Romance

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Paris France

Paris, France, photo courtesy MD Magazine

Travel has always been inextricably linked with romance, especially in films and fantasies. How we really feel about destinations and desire is the subject of the recently released “2015 Foreign Affairs Study” by Expedia, the travel booking site, and Tinder, a social app for meeting new people.

What is the perfect city in which to propose? Not too surprisingly, a majority of respondents, 46% of the 1,000 Americans asked, selected Paris from a list of 20 options, followed by Rome, 40%, and then Barcelona, 22%, New York City, 21%, and Sydney, 20%.

Before you pop the question, you must meet and mingle so the study asked people to pick the city from that same list of 20 options that has the most attractive dating population. Los Angeles won with 37%, followed closely by Rio de Janeiro, 36%, and then Paris, 34%, as well as Miami and Rome, which tied with 32% each.

Here are more dating, mating, and traveling finds:

How soon after meeting will significant others take their first weekend getaway together?
* 30% within 1-3 months
* 14% within the first month
*16% would wait more than one year

What’s the most important factor for that first romantic trip?
*88% cited good restaurants
*82% picked sightseeing/tourist attractions
*80% want a room with a view

How early in a relationship would respondents feel it appropriate to share a room with their partner when traveling with their partner’s parents?
*43% said they’d wait more than a year
*7% said they would do so within the first month

The survey also rooted out some other findings:
*25% of respondents would consider honeymooning at a theme park
*22% would fake their relationship status to get an upgrade on vacation
(more travel bad behavior).
*38% would be willing to date someone who primarily spoke a different language

The survey was released to promote Expedia, a booking site, as well as Tinder’s new “Passport” option that enables Tinder Plus subscribers to connect with people around the world. To that end, Expedia and Tinder launched the Match Made in Travel game. Download it and you can allegedly get paired with a simpatico travel destination match.

Survey results are fun; but remember, meeting strangers might be enjoyable but can also be boring or dangerous. Don’t let the romance of travel wipe out your common sense.

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